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by hilltribechildren

What can we do?

These days scholarship students have a meeting during their holidays.
In fact, on 5th September there was an exchange party between students and an
organization which supports scholarship students from Singapore.
The students had a meeting to think about the program for the party.
14 Students gathered at this meeting.
The number is only half of the whole nubmer of dtudents
because, they live in different places. Some were from far away villages.
Some were from school residences near school.

There were some prerequisites for this program
・To wear each traditional clothes.
・To include a dance or sing a song
・To participate in the program, and cooperate with all students.

They discusses the program for two hours on the day,
and they began to make something with tools.
Please look forward to the party!!
by hilltribechildren | 2009-11-11 23:01 | ☆News updates