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Children met HOPE!!

An organization called HOPE arrived from Singapore.
The organization was established by colleges students in Singapore
to support for hilltribe's children.
Each charactar in HOPE has their own reason for being in it.
P..Persinal grow

They visited Mirror fundation the first time, and they decided to visit here,
because they had so much concern about Mirror's working such as
the protection of hilltribe's people and supporting scholarship students.

On the 5 th of September there was the exchange party between Hope
and the scholarship students.
First they started introducing each other.
23 people from Singapore and 23 scholarship students participated in the party.
Students looked a littele bit nervous because, the public language was English.
Of course they couldn't speak the Thai language.
However most students tried to introduce themselves in English.
That some of them had a high fluency level surprised the people from Singapore.

Most students live in a school residence or relative's house,
because the transportation expense is too expensive
from their own house to school,
that's why they live away from thier family.

At first the party had strained relations
However it was getting better by playing somegames.

After the game, students showed the dance and singing a song
with a bamboo which they cut from mountains.
They wore each traditional clothes.
(They are from Aka tribe, Lahu tribe, and Karen tribe)
Also the members of Hope showed a dance.
They enjoyed the party so much!
At the end of party, students gave an interview for questions from Hope.
Thanks to Hope, they promised to make the pamphlet and post card of
Hilltribe Children Fund project.
by hilltribechildren | 2009-11-12 01:33

What can we do?

These days scholarship students have a meeting during their holidays.
In fact, on 5th September there was an exchange party between students and an
organization which supports scholarship students from Singapore.
The students had a meeting to think about the program for the party.
14 Students gathered at this meeting.
The number is only half of the whole nubmer of dtudents
because, they live in different places. Some were from far away villages.
Some were from school residences near school.

There were some prerequisites for this program
・To wear each traditional clothes.
・To include a dance or sing a song
・To participate in the program, and cooperate with all students.

They discusses the program for two hours on the day,
and they began to make something with tools.
Please look forward to the party!!
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